Love the COHO Lifestyle

Camella Condo Homes aims to elevate the lifestyle of young urban professionals and starting families by introducing its innovative condo home concept.

A NEW-GENERATION LIFESTYLE through its ground-breaking lifestyle amenities.

Featuring the same brand pillars that made Camella the leading and preferred brand that it is today – excellent location, affordability, safety and security, and a wise investment – Camella Condo Homes goes beyond the ordinary by providing a distinct new-generation lifestyle to its residents.

Camella Condo Homes offers city dwellers with much more space beyond the condo unit as each development is poised to have a commercial complex that will house its ground-breaking lifestyle amenities.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?

Camella Condo Home
Camella Condo Home

Our Story

Today, more and more Filipinos dream of living closer to the city for the handful of advantages that it presents. Indeed, time is a precious commodity and now, more than ever, we realize its value as we struggle to keep a work-life balance. Given the multiple roles that we play and the many activities that we juggle each day, being closer to our destinations – be it the workplace or university – and not worrying about how to skirt our way through the horrendous traffic situation (and actually experiencing the stress from the gridlock) translates to a prized edge. City-living, however, is not yet accessible to many of us. While demand for housing continues to grow exponentially, the supply of affordable options remains limited across urban neighborhoods.

With land value on the upswing given the left and right developments in public and private infrastructure, what were then affordable house and lot packages in the city have become quite expensive and impractical. Existing condominium developments too, especially those within central business districts, have risen in prices, going beyond the budgets of city dwellers among us.

While price is a major consideration, livable space is a major factor too. Some of us shy away from condo-living because we don’t see ourselves being confined in the limited space of a condo unit. We are attached to the luxury of space that is present in our suburban homes. A garden, a lawn, a backyard, a veranda, a walk-in closet, a complete kitchen station, and a spacious laundry area – these are just some of the things that we will surely miss as we compromise space when choosing to live in the city.


Powered by Camella’s 40 years of real estate mastery and track record, Camella Condo Homes aims to become the Philippines’ leader in developing affordable and upgraded vertical villages that elevate the lifestyle of your professionals and starting families in the city.

Brand Pillars

Dream Communities
Camella Condo Homes’ mission is to provide Filipinos with the kind of home and lifestyle they have long dreamed of, by building beautiful communities replete with well-maintained surroundings, manicured landscaping, peaceful and quiet properties, and beautiful well-built homes.

Convenience and Accessibility
Camella Condo Homes builds in only the most carefully selected and attractive locations, located close to commercial centers, government services, educational institutions, hospitals, places of worship and key transportation arteries and hubs. Camella Condo Homes augments this convenience with additional amenities, such as clubhouses, swimming pools and playgrounds.

Safety and Secure
Camella Condo Homes guarantees homeowners’ safety with guarded entrance gates equipped with CCTV, as well as high perimeter fences, and round-the-clock roving security guards, making sure your home is a safe haven.

Wise Investment
Every Camella Condo Homes unit is a desirable investment, likely to appreciate in value over time.

Camella Condo Homes offers easy home ownership through flexible financing schemes and payment options to give every Filipino the ability to have a home to call their own.