Camella Condo Home

brings innovative condo home concept

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?

The COHO Lifestyle

It means living just a few steps away from a luxury mall that offers global retail selections. It means having world-class cinemas as your home theater. It means having a beautiful coffee shop as an extension of your living and working space. It means having an innovative, fun and fresh supermarket as your pantry. For you, we redefined what it means to come home in the city and we’re sure that you’ll Love the COHO Lifestyle.

Lifestyle Amenities

Camella Condo Home
Camella Condo Home
Camella Condo Home
Camella Condo Home
Camella Condo Home
Camella Condo Home your exquisite Instagram-worthy co-working space

“It means having a beautiful coffee shop as an extension of your living and working space.”

We’ve got a blossoming garden in Coffee Project. Besides its best-tasting coffee and beverages, it also serves a wide variety of scrumptious food like pasta, rice meals, cake, and sandwiches. Its exceptional interiors complemented by aesthetically arranged flowers and greens has earned for itself “the most Instagram-worthy” coffee shop tag. With its relaxing and homey vibe, this is the perfect place to spend our laidback afternoons, reunite with friends, and discuss with business partners. And yes, we could take our relaxation and productivity to a higher level with its complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi access.

your charming breakfast table

“It means having a breakfast table in a charming boulangerie.”

Longing for pastry, sweets, and soulful conversations in between? We’ve got an exclusive space and the charming ambiance for heartwarming chitchats and delighting “me time,” with the aroma of freshly-baked bread and the tempting scent of cheese on the background that instantly uplifts the mind and soul.

All Day Supermarket your super pantry

“It means having an innovative, fun, and fresh supermarket as your super pantry.”

There is no way we could miss our moms’ award-winning recipes and cooking with our complete and ultra-fresh kitchen station at All Day Supermarket. On top of its fresh produce and wide selection of goods, its lovely interiors and well-curated specialized sections such as Gastroville (a small food concept that serves everything from Pinoy-style barbecue or ramen for those who want to grab a quick snack before or after grocery shopping) and Paluto! (a section where one gets to shop for seafood and have it cooked right away to enjoy ultra-fresh, good-quality food in an instant) guarantee that we’re safe from getting hungry while away from home.

Camella Condo Home your design lab and storage room

“It means having an upgrade lab in a one-stop home improvement hub.”

Eyeing the next condo home upgrade? All Home is our one-stop home improvement store that offers anything from home building, furnishing, and designing. It guarantees us a wide range of products and services, value for money, and convenience coupled with excellent consumer services. Now, we’ve got the privilege of making our condo homes as beautiful, as functional, and as space-efficient as they can be with all the things that we need just right at our one-stop design lab.

your world-class home theater

“It means having a world-class cinema as your home theater.

We’re always the V.I.P. right at our world-class home theatre in Vista Cinemas. It’s always ready to provide an awesome movie-viewing experience with its MX4D technology that will enable you to “feel” the movie's motions, jolts, pokes, wind, water, and even scents. Moreover, its VIP Theatre is an intimate movie venue specializing in above par personalized service